Ferroguard Screener is your sixth sense in MRI safety. The system consists of a Sensor Unit, (which is mounted on a wall in or near to the patient preparation area). This is designed to alert staff to the presence of potentially dangerous ferromagnetic items before they reach the MRI Room) and a self-adhesive floor mat, on which the patients stand to be screened. When patients stand on the mat and rotate, any moving ferrous objects are detected by the Ferroguard Screener as it picks up on any changes in the magnetic field.

Ferroguard Screener is a passive system. The highly sensitive sensors inside monitor the Earth’s magnetic field and detect disturbances within it that are created by moving ferromagnetic materials. (As shown in Figure 4.1)

The Ferromagnetic status of a person being screened by Ferroguard Screener is indicated by the Visual Beacon, with intuitive traffic light colors and a magnitude display.

  • If the magnetic field is steady, the beacon display is green.
  • If there are changes in the magnetic field due to ferromagnetic objects moving nearby, the beacon turns amber and the size of the change in magnetic signal is shown on the magnitude display.
  • If the magnetic signals are large enough to reach the top of the magnitude display, then it, and the beacon will turn red.

2017-04-25_14-03-21ss Fast, efficient and the most effective screening for Zone 2

2017-04-25_14-03-21ss Prevention of incidents and artefacts from those small, hidden ferromagnetic items

2017-04-25_14-03-21ss Simple to adopt

Detects the risk items that others miss

Ferroguard Range overview-1

Ferroguard Assure is an MRI Entry Control system designed to alert users to the presence of potentially dangerous ferromagnetic objects. The system is designed to operate continuously, providing round the clock protection.
Ferroguard Assure consists of a pair of sensor units A and B which are mounted onto a wall either side of an MRI doorway or across a corridor leading to the MRI door. The sensor units (WMFG) contain magnetic sensors that detect changes in the ambient magnetic field due to ferromagnetic objects moving near to them, warning lights at the top and an audible alarm. There is an optical beam that passes across the threshold that the system is protecting. If a magnetic signal is detected and the optical beam is broken then the audible alarm will sound.

What dose Ferrogaurd Assure do ?

2017-04-25_14-03-21ss Detects and alerts on ferromagnetic risk items approaching the zone IV door way, helping to prevent projectile accidents

2017-04-25_14-03-21ss Only detects ferromagnetic items, so tells you the difference between safe and unsafe items

2017-04-25_14-03-21ss Is completely passive. So is completely safe and cannot interfere with MRI images

How dose ferrogaurd Assure warn me of risk items?

By its clear, eye-level traffic-light displays

ViEW® technology (Visual Early Warning as you approach the door)

The more dangerous the item, the earlier the warning

Audible alert is activated only when the visual early warning is ignored

2017-04-25_14-03-21ss Trustworthy detection and clear, simple alerts for ferromagnetic hazards, before reaching Zone 4

2017-04-25_14-03-21ss Eliminates catastrophic accidents caused by medium to large risk items Lowest probability of alarm fatigue

Ferroguard – because the safety of your patients is always your first priority

To ensure all of your patients benefit from the enhanced safety Ferroguard will provide

2017-04-25_14-03-21ss Choose Ferroguard-Approved Zero-Magnetic patient transfer equipment

2017-04-25_14-03-21ss MR Conditional to 7T; robustly designed for a long lifes

Ferroguard Range overview-2