Merge PACS is a scalable solution that supports a distributed workforce and delivers operational efficiencies through web-based access, common worklists, and comprehensive workflows. Industry trends, including hospital consolidation and increased use of tele-radiology are requiring that enterprise PACS functionality include tight VNA and EHR integration, and distributed access across a geographically disperse organization. Merge PACS 7.0 delivers on key enterprise PACS requirements by providing a central hub for managing and viewing your studies, while providing access to remote users via the web. Its common worklists enable efficient sub-specialty reading from remote locations.

Optimize radiologists reading efficiency
By ensuring each study is read by the most appropriate team member, ultimately improves study turnaround time and quality.

Experience seamless VNA and EHR integration
Tight integration with VNAs, EHRs, and other systems. Merge PACS is a plugin to the iConnect Enterprise Archive resulting in a cacheless PACS as well as being able to efficiently utilize third party VNAs.

Enable efficient and effective remote reading
Leverage universal worklists, integrated communication tools and workflow accelerator to support teleradiology functionality for your organization. Based on your current worklist, the workflow accelerator pulls studies and their priors to your workstation in advance of your need.

Integral Communication Tools
As part of the worklists, the integral communication tools consisting of critical results communication, ER discrepancy workflow, incidental findings tracking, and instant messaging are available whether your readers are onsite or remote.

Reduce Administrative burden with templated user management
Quickly onboard new users with system level, templated user management that is be easily updated and maintained.



Universal Worklists and Composite Worklists:
Merge PACS version 7.0 addresses the need for a universal worklist by providing a modular building block approach, a significant improvement in the way radiologists read studies. Now you have one worklist covering all of your tasks, making it flexible, easy to manage, and easy to visualize.

Patient Identity Matching:
Patient identity matching in Merge PACS 7.0 is flexible and powerful. Managing patients with different MRN numbers from separate facilities is no longer a problem because of the new prior comparison display options. This two-tier strategy for mapping improves the display of composite identities in the patient history.

Templated User Management:
Merge PACS 7.0 allows templates to be applied at the system, site or group level. Everything works down the hierarchy and the privileges are additive. The best part? Updates and changes in templates are reflected at the next user login. This new templated approach addresses the need for system level management of user privileges and preference settings, simplifying the user management so handling thousands of users is no longer a challenge.

Monitoring and Analytics:
There’s no time for downtime and utilizing your (human) resources efficiently is no longer an option. That’s why we offer three options with Merge PACS to proactively track and monitor your environments to ensure maximum system availability.

Merge Monitoring™ is available around the clock and tracks system performance on over 350 Merge PACS metrics. In fact, within one year of its inception, it has prevented 66,615 cases and 450 downtime days.
Merge Watch is the internal analytics package for Merge PACS that runs locally on PACS primary or on separate server. It monitors workflow and includes standardized reports and focuses on system workflow and auditing.